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What are the duties of a commercial cleaner?

Oct 14

The job of a commercial cleaner can be relatively thankless and overlooked, but it's also critical for maintaining a well-functioning workspace. Not only do commercial cleaners keep the premises tidy and presentable, but they also handle sanitation, equipment maintenance, and even hazardous materials. In order to excel at the job, they need to have strong organizational skills and the ability to work independently. A background in custodial work or industrial cleaning is often helpful, but more importantly, these individuals need passion and attention to detail. After all, they are the unsung heroes who put their noses to the grindstone every day to make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Without them, business operations would quickly grind to a halt. So next time you're enjoying a clean bathroom break or spotless conference room, remember to give a shout-out (or maybe just a "thank you") to the hardworking commercial cleaners keeping everything shipshape.


The Duties of a Commercial Cleaner


  1. Sweep and vacuum floors

Having clean floors can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and cleanliness of a space. Sweeping and vacuuming are two simple but effective ways to keep floors well-maintained. With a good sweep, you can rid your floor of loose debris and give it a quick pick-me-up. But for a deeper clean, breaking out the vacuum is key. Vacuuming not only sucks up dirt and dust, but it can also remove pet hair and even small crumbs that a broom might miss. So next time you want to give your floors some love, don't forget the power of these trusty tools. Keep your floors swept and vacuumed regularly to keep them looking (and feeling) fresh as a daisy.


  1. Dust surfaces

Cleaning dust off surfaces may seem like a mundane task, but it's crucial in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Dust build up can aggravate allergies and impact the air quality in your home. So how can you tackle those stubborn dust bunnies? Start with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and use a vacuum attachment to reach hidden crevices. Don't forget to hit those often overlooked spots like top shelves, window sills, and baseboards. And don't forget about your furniture; regular vacuuming or wiping down with a damp cloth can go a long way in reducing the amount of dust circulating in your living space. Creating a regular cleaning schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) can help keep the dust at bay and prevent it from piling up in the first place. So grab your cleaning supplies and put that dust to rest once and for all!


  1. Wipe down counters and tables

Want to keep the germs at bay? Don't forget to give your counters and tables a good wipe down! Whether it's with a store-bought disinfectant or a mixture of vinegar and water, cleaning these surfaces regularly can help prevent the spread of illnesses. And let's face it, who wants to eat their dinner on a dirty table anyway? So don't let those pesky germs win the battle - arm yourself with a rag or paper towel and defeat them in one swift swoop! It may seem like a small task, but wiping down your counters and tables can make a big impact in staying healthy. Don't wait until they're disgustingly grimy - make them shine every day. Trust us, you'll thank yourself later.


  1. Clean bathrooms

Let's face it, nobody wants to clean the bathroom. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. And keeping the bathroom clean is important for more than just appearances - it can also prevent the spread of germs and illness. A daily cleaning routine is key to maintaining a sparkling bathroom. Start by washing the sink and countertops, followed by scrubbing the toilet bowl and tub or shower. Don't forget to empty and clean the trashcan, wipe down mirrors and fixtures, and sweep and mop the floor. Keep this routine going, and you can say goodbye to that bathroom beast once and for all! So set aside some time each day - make it a habit - and give your bathroom the attention it deserves. No one should have to suffer through a dirty bathroom experience (and no one should be subjected to that either). Happy cleaning!


  1. Empty trash cans

How often do you think about the trash can sitting at the end of your driveway? Chances are, it's not at the top of your priority list. But did you know that leaving your trash cans empty can actually have harmful consequences for both your community and the environment? When trash cans are left empty, they become a tempting target for animals looking for a meal. This not only leads to scattered garbage in your neighborhood, but also poses potential health risks as these animals may become sick from consuming human waste. Furthermore, empty trash cans make it easier for wind to blow litter into surrounding areas, leading to pollution and damage to wildlife habitats. Remember - an empty trash can is a full invitation for disaster. So be proactive and ensure your trash cans are emptied regularly. Your community and Mother Nature will thank you.



Commercial cleaners have a variety of duties that they are responsible for in the course of their work. The most important aspect of their job is ensuring that all areas where they are working are clean and sanitary. This includes not just floors and surfaces, but also fixtures, appliances, and any other items in the area. In addition to cleaning, commercial cleaners may be called upon to do minor repairs or maintenance work as needed. They must also be aware of and comply with safety regulations governing their work. Finally, good communication skills are essential for commercial cleaning services, as they often need to interact with customers or clients in order to get instructions or feedback.