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Thinking of Getting Your Carpet Cleaned?

May 20

Thinking of Getting Your Carpet Cleaned?


Are your carpets looking stained or dirty? Is there a persistent odor no matter how many Febreze sprays you apply?

Dirty floors can cause discomfort and pose a danger to your health.

You might consider hiring a professional to clean your carpets if it hasn't been a while or if this is the first time you have done so.

This is your first time having this service. Is it right for me?

Find out exactly what to expect from a Redmond Oregon professional carpet cleaner.

Benefits from Professional Carpet Cleaning

Is it really necessary that you invest in professional carpet-cleaning? Is it necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner?

Technically speaking, you can clean your carpets yourself. The chances of your carpets being cleaned thoroughly and properly by you are low.

There are many benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners, such as the following:

  • Save time
  • Avoid damaging your carpets
  • Get a deeper clean

A professional carpet cleaner will take care of all the details, including cleaning custom upholstery and oriental rug rugs.

Carpet cleaners will treat these materials gently and know how to deal with them.

What Can You Expect from Professional Carpet Cleaning?

So, professional carpet cleaning seems like a good idea. What are the actual steps involved in a professional job? How is this different to the kind of cleaning you might do on your own?

Every carpet cleaner is different. The general rule of thumb is that professional carpet cleaning will look something like the following:


Carpet cleaners will not come and sweep the carpets.

Before they start, they'll look at the rooms that you would like to be cleaned and then give you an estimate of what it will cost.

They will also measure the carpet's dimensions and check for any stains.

Price Estimate

Apart from the carpet size and stain color, there are other factors that influence the cost.

Additional fees may be charged if your carpets are stained or obliterated by pets. There may be an additional charge if they have the to transport heavy furniture.

Dry Vacuuming

Carpet cleaners begin by vacuuming the carpet. Carpet cleaners use high quality, heavy-duty vacuums to remove dirt, dust and pet hair.

Stain Removing

After they finish vacuuming, the cleaners go to work cleaning the carpets.

Professional carpet cleaners can spot stains quickly, so it is unlikely that anything will be missed. When they evaluate your carpet, you should let them know what stain it is.

Furniture Mark Removal

After the stain is removed, the carpets will be fully cleaned. The cleaners will then remove any wrinkles or marks that were left behind by your furniture.

The Cleaning

Now that the stains and furniture marks are gone it is time for the cleaners start cleaning the carpet fibers. They'll use special tools, heavy-duty cleaning agents and a scrub brush to clean the fibers. After that, they will rinse them thoroughly with water.

Top Results

Once you have completely cleaned your carpets, rinse them off. You will see a fresh carpet and a cleaner home. You carpet will look just as new and beautiful as the day it was laid.

Remember that your carpets will be damp even after you have finished cleaning them. Before you move in your furniture, wait for the carpets to dry completely.

Why Do I Need to Be There?

Many people wonder if they need to be present at the carpet cleaning.

It is your responsibility to be there when the cleaners show up. After they arrive, you will receive an estimate.

Once you have received an estimate and agreed to the cost of cleaning, then you can get on your way and start taking care of business.

Preparing Your House for a Rug Cleaner

Many homeowners are wondering if it is necessary to prepare their homes for the carpet cleaners. There are steps that you can take to prepare your home and make it ready for cleaning.

Dust and Clean the Baseboards

It is a good idea if you vacuum and dust the baseboards prior to the cleaner arrives. This will ensure that dirt and dust won't fall on newly cleaned carpets.

Dispose of Small or Fragile Materials

If you worry about items being bumped or damaged while the cleaners arrive, arrange to have them put away before they arrive.

Any small items -- such as shoes, clothing, toys, etc. - that you see on the ground should be picked up. As well. For cleaners to do their job, you must clean the floors.

Clear a parking spot

Make sure that the carpet cleaner has a parking spot in your driveway. They'll need to be easily able to move their equipment from one place to the next.

Are Carpet Cleaning Services Available in Redmond Oregon?

Now that you have an idea of what to expect when you hire professional carpet cleaners in Redmond Oregon (and how you can prepare your home to receive them), it's time to clean your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning results in a deeper clean. This will ensure that your carpets last much longer than if you did it yourself.

Once you have your carpets cleaned professionally, you will not want to clean them anymore.

Contact your carpet cleaning expert today to learn more and schedule a cleaning appointment